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winter maintenance

Winter is one of the main seasons that can bring about many cleaning concerns for business owners and facility managers. The harsh weather conditions mixed with the high foot traffic in facilities create a flow of grime being tracked in, and germs being spread. The common approach is to wait until spring to strip and refinish your floors and give your building a deep clean, but if you keep up with some basic maintenance during the winter months, there will be less damage in the spring. Here are 3 tips for winter maintenance in facilities:

1) Floors – Floors are the main areas that will need regular maintenance so they are not damaged beyond repair. Snow, ice, and mud will be tracked in leaving stains on carpets and damage to floors, such as hardwood. Salt is tracked in, as well, which will either build up on the floor or even eat away at the floor. To prevent this, you will have to buff your floors regularly to get rid of the salts and clean your carpets regularly to make sure the stains will not set in too deep.

2) Disinfecting – Flu season begins in the fall time but it isn’t truly over until the spring. Creating a disinfection plan will ensure the spreading of germs and bacteria won’t continue on from hot-spots, such as door handles, desks, and keyboards. In addition to the disinfection plan, make sure that those hot-spots will be cleaned more often.

3) Windows – It may seem counter-productive to keep your windows clean during the winter because of the weather conditions but making sure they are kept up to par is beneficial to the workplace. The grime built up on windows will prohibit sunlight from shining in, creating a dull and dreary work environment. And when springtime does come, there will be less of a build up to tackle.

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