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contract cleaning

Often customers believe that having in-house cleaners is more beneficial than outsourced contract cleaning. They believe it is less expensive and that they will receive special benefits from keeping their office cleaners as employees. However, outsourcing has become the more desirable and suitable option for those exact reasons. Through outsourcing contract cleaners, you will receive controlled costs with a higher level of expertise.

Cost control – Through hiring contact cleaners, you will only have to pay for the services you receive. The International Facility Management Association has found, “in-house cleaning costs an average of 23 percent more that contract cleaning services.” In-house cleaning costs include the costs of cleaning the building, training, labor costs, supply costs, costs of benefits, liabilities, and insurance, and any additional overhead costs.

Expertise – Contract cleaners will have to adhere to industry standards. In addition, they are trained in a variety of cleaning services, that can range from office cleaning, medical cleaning, floor work, and more. In-house cleaners will need to keep up with training and trends and keep up the knowledge and standards of the cleaning industry. If this isn’t provided to them, the cleaning will suffer. For contract cleaners, it is standard procedure for them to keep up with these standards, as they need to keep up with their direct competition.

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