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Have you ever thought about all of the germs we encounter on a daily basis? Or what places might be the worst? Well, being a cleaning company it’s something we think about on a daily basis. We’re going to break down just how germy office buildings, daycares, and gyms are, what surfaces they contaminate the most, and how to outsmart and combat them:

Office Buildings:
It’s not the first place that pops into your mind when you think of “germy” places because people usually stick to their own desk and know how to properly cover their mouth when they sneeze. But, when you think of all of the people coming in and out from different locations, think public transport, it makes sense. Wall Street Journal once conducted a study to find out just how fast germs and viruses can spread in the office and where they hide. They infected a door at the front of the building, and there were about 80 employees being tested. “Just four hours after the researchers introduced the virus, about 50 percent of office workers had it on their hands. It also sat on half of the most commonly touched surfaces in the building.” If only half way into a work day 50% of the employees were contaminated with that same virus, then almost all of the employees must have come into contact with the virus by the end of the day. As for the surfaces most commonly infected, it went “straight to the break room. After two hours it was found on the coffee pot, microwave button, and refrigerator handle. Next, it traveled to the restrooms and from there it finally made its way to offices and cubicles.” You’re not even safe in your cubicle!

Daycares are really the last place parents want to be germ hub-spots, yet they are, and it is inevitable. Toddlers are in small a vicinity at daycares, and are constantly wiping their noses, sneezing, and coughing while wiping it directly onto the toys, and almost every surface of the play area. One epidemiologist called daycares “the open sewers of the twentieth century.” That’s horrifying. It’s crucial for parents and teachers to teach kids to cover their mouths and to wash their hands. New research has come out saying that it’s the hands that spread diseases more than the mouth, but in daycares there are germs being spread and touched everywhere and every way possible. It’s impossible for the even healthiest kid to avoid germs or getting sick here.

Gyms are a place that you absolutely have to touch everything. So it’s a known fact that germs will be lurking on every surface here, as well. From treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, to free weights, medicine balls, and various other gym equipment. These all are touched by who knows how many different people, and even after they are wiped down, they aren’t completely germ-free. The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine has said, “63 percent of machines that had been disinfected still had traces of rhinovirus, which causes the common cold..and research found staph, fungi, and yeast on gym bike seats.” And the germs don’t stop there. The locker room is an even more popular area for germs and viruses. “The sweaty, humid locker room is the perfect petri dish for nasty buggers such as staph, and strep… The danger starts at ground level. From outdoors, sneakers and other shoes track in fecal matter, which harbors organisms that can give you stomach flu and hepatitis A.” Eek!

It would seem like no matter what you do, germs can’t be beat. We thought so too until we came across EnviroShield.

-EnviroShield is an electrostatic spray disinfectant system unlike anything else available.  It uses a series of different sprayer models designed for specific areas and applications.  They all feature a sprayer nozzle that adds an electrostatic negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it is applied so that it actually surrounds and clings to the surfaces it touches, killing harmful bacteria, including MRSA and C-Diff.-

And best part of all, it is completely safe, even in kids day-cares. Call us today to get your facility protected and disinfected! (314) 989-9997