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Office Disinfecting

Office Disinfecting Services Jan-Pro STL

At Jan-Pro of St. Louis, office disinfecting is our specialty. With the help of EnviroShield, we’ll protect your facility from contagious risks in multiple ways.

  • Kills 99% of most common causes of cross-contamination including MRSA, H9N1, CRE, C Diff & E.Coli.
  • EPA approved disinfectant attacks bacteria with microbursts of activity destroying them on contact.
  • Demonstration image shows bacteria literally exploding at the molecular level.
  • Used in conjunction with EnviroShield, Endure lays down a barrier of long lasting protection against microbial regrowth.
  • By penetrating cell walls, Endure explodes molecules preventing them from regrowing and spreading for up to three months.
  • The active ingredient in EnviroShield, Endure, is EPA approved as a category IV, meaning complete safety for all facility occupants.

EnviroShield FAQ:

How safe is EnviroShield for my employees and my facility?

EnviroShield and the active ingredient in EnviroShield, Endure, are both rated as Category IV by the EPA which is the safest class in the category.

How soon can people re-enter their work spaces after an EnviroShield treatment?

Almost immediately as EnviroShield leaves no odor or residue on surfaces. The EPA rating means there are no ocular, skin or respiratory risks among humans.

How long does a single EnviroShield treatment last?

That depends on the kind of facility and how heavy the daily traffic flow is, but we generally recommend a weekly treatment to stay on top of contagious regrowth.

What’s the advantage of adding EnviroShield Endure to the process?

EnviroShield Endure works in tandem with regular EnviroShield. It sets up a microbe-killing barrier over the surface that has been disinfected, basically protecting the surface from microbial regrowth for up to three months at a time.

Does using both EnviroShield treatments cost more?

It does initially, but over time, less frequent visits will save you money and provide more lasting protection.

Can I just stay with the basic EnviroShield treatment?

Yes, but we recommend disinfecting weekly.

Couldn’t we just buy the equipment and do this ourselves?

EnviroShield is a patented process that JAN-PRO trains our owner/operators extensively on, with a guarantee, so we always suggest leaving it to the experts.

Can we really afford the EnviroShield process?

Given the rising cost of productivity losses in the workplace  caused by increasing absenteeism…can you afford NOT to make your workplace cleaner and safer?

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